2016 CrossFit Games Experience

Less than two months after our Hall Pass Watch model 1 was finally available for sale in Amazon, it was time to proudly show our creation at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games.

As some of you might have already heard, the watch took about 3 years from conception to actually being ready for sale, after a series of improvements, redesigns, upgrades, prototypes, patents, trademarks, etc etc etc, so we had attended the CrossFit Games in the past as volunteers and/or spectators, and usually walked vendor village with a fraction of jealousy and anxiety.

Anyways, this time was finally our opportunity, and it was a complete HIT (or HIIT if you´d prefer)!

Our only regret was not taking a GoPro or similar device to film people’s reaction when we explained what the watch did. People could not believe there was finally a device that could time their EMOMs, Tabatas, or program custom intervals. “No Sh*t” was a common reaction, and sadly we don’t have those instances on tape.

In summary, we exposed people to a problem they did not know they had, which is having to look at and/or having to look after a smartphone in the corner of their cluttered and obstacle ridden affiliate, box, or garage gym.

Not convinced the smartphone is a problem yet? How do you feel when you are anxious about starting the WOD but have to go into setting to make sure the phone doesn’t dim? How do you feel when you forget to do this and the phone dims several times (and how many reps do you loose while doing this)? And perhaps worse off, what happens to your smartphone battery life when you finish, beaten down by some clever but deceiving programming, and forget to change back the dim settings?

This is all, yes ALL, avoided with a Hall Pass Watch.

Anyways…the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games where an awesome channel to finally and proudly display to the public our creation. We met up with old friends who were happy to hear about out new venture, sold an interesting number of watches, and awareness and acceptance of our product grew exponentially after the event.

Life changing event for our startup
on our long path to greatness.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Here are some memories!

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