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What we are not?

We are not a heart rate monitor. We are not a steps counter. We do not measure calories burnt, and we do not have a system to recognize if you are cycling, dancing or watching tv. If that is what you need, then the Hall Pass Watch is not for you.

What are we then?

We are a company built by people with old school functional fitness in mind. We love working out, and usually need only a barbell, or a kb, maybe a jump rope, dumbbell or whatever, to live our fitness lifestyle anywhere. We love to follow or come up with crazy rep schemes, we like to do it in very variable time domains, to go hard when necessary, and to constantly change it up. Furthermore, we love the box, we love the community, and we like most of the gadgets and equipment available to us nowadays, but we recognize that we don’t need so much to get, remain fit, or to have fun. We only need a few exercise options, our custom intervals watch, our mindset and will.

What makes this watch different from other time keeping devices?

Regular watches, gym clocks, and some apps have the usual timer and stopwatch functions, and perhaps even a Tabata function (which we call Fixed Interval Timer). However, we have personally experienced that our workouts should be as variable as possible, to keep us engaged, progressing, and having fun. We went a step forward and developed a Variable Interval Timer so you can program yourself how you want your exercises times to look. Different modalities for different lengths of time? Increasing Rest Periods? Decreasing work periods, or vice versa? We got you covered. Imagine it, program it with ease, and go for it!

Where does it work best?

Wherever! The beach, the park, your garage, your alley, hotel parking lot, hotel room, a hill, camping…you name it. It’s also obvious it can work wonders if you find yourself at the globo gym or at your usual box. It will bring infinite time domains and possibilities to wherever your life takes you.Warmups and Mobility IntervalsThat starts to sound fun now too!

Why not keep using an app on my cellphone?

Yeah, we thought about that a few years ago, but bouncing barbells (or other people´s water bottles) are not cellphone friendly, and when you have sprints or runs in your workout, you don’twant to spend your 400 meters hoping your phone doesn’t get stolen from where you left it.

But my Garage Gym has a Wall Timer.

Imagine having planned the most creative time-incrementing pseudo-EMOM during your drive home from work. You have thought about the movements, hard enough to make you need those rest seconds, but not too much so you can also use today to retrace and improve technique. But then you get home and your wife has 3 friends over with their pink KBs ready (or very heavy pink barbells) and the wall clock is ready for their straight-up AmrapIndependence and Freedom through the Hall Pass Watch applies to many scenarios as you can see.

What If I workout with my significant other?

Then get two!

Seriously though, you can get two for whenever you are each on your own, business trip, etc, or one can follow the other´s lead during an individual part of a workout session. If your wife is wearing the watch for example, she can let you know when there are 3 seconds left in the interval since she will notice the vibration during the countdown on her wrist. Thats if you dont hear her watch beep yourself. You can then take the lead on Part B, and so on.

How was the price determined?

This watch is not a quick disposable solution to sell fitness paraphernalia. The idea was crafted from personal necessity in 2013. We then began the process of Patents, Copyrights, Engineering, Customizing, and upgrades to the past 3 prototypes. We have invested a lot of time, effort, heart and resources, to make sure that you not only have a quality time keeping device for your daily workouts, but a product you can always identify yourself and your lifestyle with. Functional Fitness and everything surrounding it is a large part of our lives, so we set out to create the first and the flagship casual daily wear sports watch particular for our lifestyle and personality, regardless of the time and resources it took us.

What if I workout in a box?

Good, then wear it cause you can and simply don´t program any intervals on it on days you follow the class programming and don´t need it. Or, get in a little early and do some mobility intervals, or practice a few skills after your workout in with time domains you choose. Whatever you feel like doing, don´t worry if the prior or next class is using the wall clock, you are free to do your own supplemental skills at any time with a Hall Pass Watch on you.

What if I workout in a Globo Gym

Then you definitely want to have one! Set your intervals, rounds, timer, tabata, whatever you need to spice up your workout more.

What If I workout in the park

Perfect. For the first time ever you can workout and switch exercises without having to stop and glance over for how much time is left. With the beep and/or vibration feature, the Hall Pass Watch will tell you when it’s soon time to switch. Plus, you don’t have to leave any belongings lying around or carry with you more than required.

Why should I buy one?

Because you never ever want to tell yourself again the excuse that you couldn’t do your workout, or additional work, because of any sort of time or time measuring constraints. Plus, creative interval training is always more fun, and a fun and very variable workout always has a little bit of added motivation to it, and thus, improved fitness levels.

But, are we right for you?

We are not for everyone, and that’s ok. If the Hall Pass Watch doesn’t fit your lifestyle or needsdon’t worry, pass, we might have something to suit your lifestyle and characteristics in the near future. But, in the meantime, please refer us to a friend or family member who you know will definitely identify himself with us and find extreme value in this new empowering fitness tool.

How can I learn how to use it a bit better?

Please begin with the quick start guide enclosed with your watch or available below.

Later, for a few more tricks, make sure you don´t miss our upcoming tutorials on our Media section and our YouTube Channel.

What If I already bought an iWatch or Android Wear Smartwatch?

Ok, we thought about that too. We realize the investment for your smartwatch was high and you do not want to switch watches before the workout. (That is not the idea either, we believe in rocking one cool wrist watch only throughout the day). You can get our smartwatch version, The VIT App, with our Variable Interval Timer feature for both Apple and Android in both free and paid upgraded versions.

Want to know the rest of the story of how version 1 of the Hall Pass was created?

My name is Thomas, I’m 35, and my wife and I built and owned 50% of a box from July 2010 until we sold it in January 2016. Reebok CrossFit PTY in the Republic of Panama to be exact. I had another full time job, but was also the full time administrator at the box. Still don’t know how I pulled that off for a few years and how the box worked out so well. Anyways, I would get to the box at 5pm sharp, that’s if I didn’t have to make a bank run between work and the box, checked in on front desk staff as fast as I could, and tried to jump in and work out on the 5:30pm class before I had to either coach or help out on the classes after that. Anybody who owns a box can identify with this rushed lifestyle.

Anyways, it often did not happen that way and I was always late to the workout. Not only did my warm up always suffer, but by the time I got to the workout, whether I had time to do that same workout or now only an abbreviated version of it, the wall timer was already in use, and even if I jumped in at minute 7 (for example), it was often reset after part A, or whatever. So while I worked out alone in a corner, in a crowded box, and always in a hurry, day after day, week after week, and month after month, solutions to these circumstances began popping up.

I did not like using timer apps on my phone, because people always needed to move it around to get to the bumpers, or boxes, or whatever. I did not like leaving the phone around when I had to run, because even though I was certain it was not going to get stolen inside my box, it could be moved, banged up or something spilled on it, and, what I hated the most, was having to stop the exercise to turn around and see how much time was left of any particular exercise, etc. I tried using regular sport watches, but hated having to put down cleans, or the kb, or getting off the pullup bar to see how much time was left, and/or add and substract any kind of work/rest intervals I had chosen. Too many problems, too few solutions.

 So I set out to find my own ideal solution. A wrist watch, that not only could do everything the wall timer or any app could, but that you could also program custom intervals to (there are simply things you can do for 1 minute straight and others you can only do for 15 seconds unbroken), and that could let you know of transitions ahead of time without having to look at it.

The idea marinated a bit, but I felt manufacturing in Asia, plus the investment, was way beyond my capabilities. Enter “The 4 Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferris a few months later, and that idea started looking a lot more feasible. A quick post on elance.com (now upwork.com) and what had been an impossible idea was already a blueprint. Fast forward two and half years of tweaks, improvements, prototypes, patents, copyrights, and upgraded features, and you are now finally looking at my Muse!

I hope my solution can also help you with any time or location constraints your fitness lifestyle may face at times. Not only that, but I was always hoping throughout this whole journey that working out at any sort of physical location became optional. Sure, we love our box, I actually love visiting several different boxes per month, but also love having a KB and rope in my trunk and getting in a quick workout whenever I can or feel like it, alone or with a friend or two. I might not be able to grow any PRs doing any sort of intervals at the beach or park, but I can sure grow from that experience and have that quick workout episode add peace to my life, to later spread to my family (not to mention the fresh air, and the unique feeling of randomness, or workout possibility, anytime, anywhere). Like when we first got a taste of the freedom and variety that came with this new functional fitness life.


I hope you love my product, I am honored to contribute to your fitness lifestyle, and thank you for reading my story! 

I would love to hear yours too! So email me with anything at thomas@hallpasswatches.com.

Is the watch Waterproof?

Unfortunately the answer is no, or more precisely… Not yet. No problem with some sweat, but we are not ready to suggest swimming with it. We are currently “splash proof” only.

Model 2 is best no developed primarily with waterproof capacity in mind, but we wanted to get this fun little interval training device for land out to you as fast as possible, thus an non-waterproof model 1.

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